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As society marches deeper into

 a new digital world, 

Fly high is also marching in many ways 

including telemedicine.

 Telemedicine for medical 

marijuana licensing

 is still 100% legal 

(and encouraged) as our governor 

Gretchen Whitmer signed this into law 


House Bill 4745 will allow telemedicine for Michigan residents participating in the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program, a state registry program that administers the MMMA as approved by Michigan voters on November 4, 2008.

"I'm thrilled that medical marijuana patients now have access to telemedicine, just like the rest of Michigan's medical patients do," said Gov. Whitmer. "This package of bills makes a huge difference in the lives of those who rely on the medical properties of marijuana."

the whole transcript can be viewed here,9309,7-387-90499-563676--,00.html

While Covid-19 does not 

currently seem 

to be as significant 

of a threat as it was

 just a few months ago, 

it still remains a significant 

threat to society everyday;

For this reason 

FlyhighAF LLC is offering 

 the safest and most convenient 

form of MMMP certification

 currently possible in the GREAT state of Michigan.

Fly High is not Natures Answer

FlyhighAF LLC offers to facilitate

 online visits with physicians who are willing 

to conduct legal, professional, 

and thorough telemedicine certifications for 

the medical use of marijuana. We use  

convenient and HIPAA compliant 

platforms/transmissions in 

the state of Michigan in accordance 

with all Michigan laws.

We have zero intentions of pressuring previous 

Natures Answer patients into 

obtaining an online certification,

and If you choose to do so it is 

at your own free will, 

in our own very free country.

While tons of patients are already signing up for 

online certifications, we know some of you 

may only be interested in 

walk-in appointments at this time. 

With that said, 

We plan to announce in the next few weeks

 what we (as experts in this side of the industry) 

feel would be your best current options.

We will announce that

on, and via email as well.

Even though Fly High 

is not Natures Answer, 

we intend to offer previously needed 

support options for Natures Answer patients.

You are now able to contact us

 via live chat support 

or email support for 

Natures Answer questions 

or Fly high questions

on the main Fly High website.

All of our support specialists 

previously worked at 

Natures Answer 

and can professionally handle your 

questions and/or concerns.

If you need to 

obtain your 

previous physician's email address

don't hesitate to reach 

out for that as well.

We look forward to continuing the 

level of service you are all used to.

We can be reached by email here 

👉 [email protected]

or live chat here


**We are also finishing the roll out of our


updates to the Fly High websites and 

so if anything seems out of place, 

it's most likely a wrinkle

 that is getting ironed out in the background.

You can report it to support if you want to help.

Thank you!






The owner and original founder of Natures Answer

Al Nezhad felt it was best to do 

live updates to the website starting at 4:20pm

July 6th, 2021 to explain the situation in real time. 

The previously mentioned updates can be found below.


Natures Answer is

officially closed. But wait.. there's good news too

Hi guys, My name is Al Nezhad most of you guys might know me by Al North, or Alex (because of an inside joke at the office that I just ended up running with), but most people just call me AL. I am the owner and original founder of Natures Answer LLC also known as Natures Answer certification center. Over the last decade myself and my team have had the pleasure of serving you guys and it has been an honor and an amazing journey! When we first started in this side of the industry I got certified myself for like $400.00 dollars with the owner of another awesome certification center. Meanwhile people in California were getting licensed on the beach for 65 bucks! We looked at each other and said "we could do better". We figured a $400 price would slow the growth of the legalization movement and lock many people who need this out of the industry because they wouldn't be able to afford it. We both set off on our own paths to do better with our own certification centers. Over the next decade and until recently at Natures Answer we helped drive the price of licensing way down and were able to help so many of you guys get licensed safely and correctly...

...Almost finish

I'm writing the rest now please bare with me this new platform they finally finished migrating the Natures Answer website to is actually terrible to work on lol (the previous platform company went out of business and sold everything to Vistaprint on us).

They told us the site would be up and down for over a month.

This is a huge reason why it took us so long to break the news and explain what's next... which I will do now. (:

For a brief moment I want to go back to 

what I said earlier before I finish because its important to me.

​We used to sit in the office and 

go over everything that happened

 that day especially on some of our crazier days lol.​

Some of those days were 

FREE BBQ days in which some of you guys â€‹

might remember me from as well. I was often grilling up burgers, 

dogs, and wings that were free for anyone 

and everyone that was hungry 

included the local police when they pulled up.

we would go over our days and re-hash 

some of the non-medical stories we would hear in the lobby 

about how Cannabis had really changed

 so many of your lives for the better. 

We've heard sooo many super heart breaking

 or super heart warming stories that 

almost always ended up with 

getting licensed for cannabis being the pivot point

 for life getting much better for folks. 

That part was also the same in our stories.

It was that more than anything else that let us know 

we were doing the right thing for our community 

and truly helping everyday people change their lives. 

That's what kept what us going many times

 when it was hard to keep going. 

This is from the bottom of my heart when I say: 

it TRULY has been a pleasure to meet all of you

 (and shake your hands when that was a thing).

Natures Answer didn't survive the 

difficulties that came with licensing after legalization, compounded with 

the effects Covid-19 had on our business model, and GREAT internal conflict.

With that said it is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you today 

that after over a decade... 

Natures Answer will no longer

 be certifying, renewing, or guarding your medical records 

with our lives everyday anymore 


My NEW COMPANY will if you will let us ðŸ˜.

In all seriousness, 

ALL medical records that were in our possession at both 

offices are either already in your respective physicians hands; 

or part of the last ones in the process of being transferred.

I have always taken that part of this job 

EXTREMELY SERIOUS so no worries there.



I remembered that I promised 

you guys 15% OFF 

in one of our final updates before 

Natures Answer closed and so 

I've been integrating that into an offer 

from my new business that 

I will present lunch time tomorrow

 with the details and a revealing 

of the new business!

Have good night everyone.

Good Afternoon Everyone! 


Near 2:00pm

We have been working to integrate that 15% discount 

and decided to throw in 2 more discounts for 

all the waiting so we're running a little bit behind.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Alright I'm back! I'm going to try to keep this brief as 

I'm pretty sure some of you guys feel like 

I have dragged this on far more than I needed to lol.

As I indicated before it's a hard thing to close a business 

and especially one with a patient/customer base the size of Natures Answer

I mean we have been blessed to have the most loyal and 

amazing patients any doctors office could ask for over the years!

We love you guys! There's no way we're going to

 just disappear with no forwarding address like

 most of the certification centers that 

have come and gone over the years.

We just needed more time to see if 

Natures Answer would ultimately become savable.

Yesterday I mentioned my "New" business 

but its not quite new it's just not over a decade old like 

Natures Answer

Most of you guys may remember Sarah Nasser (formally Sarah Knapp)

"Congrats again Sarah!" and she also has a little one now.

That's right I'm talking about 

The Queen of Customer Service herself Sarah

 who has probably been the most loved 

administrative assistant we have ever had.

Well we decided partner up and start an un-related

 company for kind of like a side hustle/2nd job last year

 and then as the cracks that were forming in the structure of the

Natures Answer business model

 became clear that they would only continue to grow

we started taking the newer company more serious 

and kept working hard to make it better and to prepare in case

 it has to become more of a primary focus.

Natures Answer then closed and the last 

employee Kaitlyn recently joined our new team

 and tirelessly helped us through our after 

quarantine upgrade to make this business much much better

and without further ado...please

allow me to introduce to all our newest company...